We Find The Promo Codes So You Don't Have To!

Moms, be ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with your very own CouponMate. Using this tool is easy. Just shop and then click the blue button while we search for sweet coupon deals. Watch our video on how to use this money-saving tool... it only takes 34 seconds. […]

Conquer Chaos With a Rockin’ Kitchen Command Center

Kitchen Command Center Ideas

At this point, we are well into the school year and holiday season. While we all start off with good intentions, things are likely getting lost in the shuffle. Keeping up with homework, after school activities, sports, and errands are tough on you – and tough on the kids, too. Nobody likes forgetting it was […]

Product Reviews: Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler


Move over, George – the Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler is about to give you a run for your money! A simple, versatile, affordable grill is the dream of every home cook. With the Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler, we have found dreams do come true! At 11.5×13.5×7.1 inches and only 8 pounds, the 5 […]

Mom Blog Round Up

Mommy Blog Round Up

COOL MOM RELATED STUFF FROM AROUND THE WEB Each week I will be collecting a few of my favorite mom related blogs, op-eds, headlines, DIY projects and recipes to share with y’all.  The selections will be a variety of interesting tidbits to help you feel in the loop and up to date on hot topics […]

Moms Need Less Time! Wait…WHAT?!

Time management moms

So what we really need is less hours in the day? Sounds crazy, right? Allow me to explain!  I can probably guarantee you’ve heard of Murphy’s Law. The law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. The details of the story of origin are a little fuzzy but here’s the short version: […]

Why Cloth Diapers Aren’t Just For Tree Huggers

cloth diapers 101

Mothers who are parenting on a budget should seriously consider cloth diapers. While disposable diapers are “easier” in their own ways, cloth diapers are far more financially friendly. It’s not hard to make this method practical, even for the busiest moms. The Basics: How Do Cloth Diapers Work? I’m going to make a confession: I […]