Crock Pot Recipe Mushroom Madness

Crock pot mushroom recipes

When I was young, my mother served onion dip with potato chips at every single holiday gathering. I remember feeling like there was an unseen magnetic force drawing me towards the dip. My cousin Michelle and I had a permanent spot next to the bowl and we are still known today for our dip infatuation.  […]

Zen and the Art of Grocery Shopping With Small Children

grocery shopping with small kids

Remember the simple task of going to the grocery store before having kids? When you could take as much time as you wanted to peruse, choose, compare, and cruise the aisles for the best deals? Technically grocery shopping is still a seemingly simple task, but shopping with your little ones in tow can be a […]

Take a Deep Breath and Maybe Have a White Russian

Back To School Anxiety

This morning I found myself deep in thought. Today marks the first day of school and for many kids…and moms…it’s a big day. I couldn’t help but think about how I will feel on this day next year when my son starts Pre-K. I’m guessing it won’t be the best night’s sleep with so much […]

One decision, one spark and one vision realized

Stacey Mom&Co

If you are reading this message please know that you are sharing with me in a moment of pure joy. Mom&Co represents the evolution of a precocious little girl born in Lowell, Massachusetts; to a angst filled teen spending idyllic summers at the shore in New Hampshire; a 17 year old set free at the […]