5 Kid Friendly DIY Holiday Decorations You Can Make With Stuff You Already Have

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kid friendly diy holiday decorations

DIY holiday decorations are charming and an excellent way to go get your kids involved. Holiday decorations can get expensive quickly. It’s also a great way to lighten up on your expenses during the holiday season.

Using items you already have around the house, try out these DIY holiday decorations:

Magazine Christmas tree.

Do you have a lot of old magazines lying around your house? You're not the only one! Old magazines are heavy, take up space, and can be difficult to keep up with when recycling day comes around. One excellent way to re-purpose your old reading material is by making a Christmas tree from magazines. Reader's Digest magazines work particularly well for this decoration.Start by removing the cover from your magazine. Then, fold the upper right corner of the first page to meet the magazine's binding as if you were making a paper airplane. Repeat the fold on the same page, so you have a thinner triangle shape. Tuck the remaining flap under, turn the page and repeat with all subsequent pages. Once you're done, your old magazine will look like an adorable tree. Spray paint or add some tinsel to bump up the cute factor.

Pinecone ornaments.

This tree and wreath decoration is great for children. If you live in a woodsy area or near a park, go exploring outside and look for pine cones. Be careful of the sticky sap that sometimes remains on the cones. There are many options for decorating a naturally beautiful pinecone. If you have paint, you can dip the cone in it to change its color. Sparkly gold is one popular choice. You and your children can use glitter glue, stickers, markers, paint, ribbons, or whatever you like for a unique, one-of-a-kind pinecone ornaments.

Hot chocolate jars.

Do you have some mason jars hanging around the house? A hot chocolate jar is a seasonal, delicious decoration that will have your guests smiling. In a mason jar, preferably with a handle, layer hot chocolate powder, peppermint, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and spices on top of one another to make a beautiful layered display. When your guests want to make delicious cocoa, they will only need to add hot water.

Make presents of your pillows.

Chances are you have a few extra bows and ribbons left over from wrapping. Tie a bow around your throw pillows, and they'll look like Christmas gifts. You can do the same with towels, particularly white ones, to bring your guests into the holiday spirit.

Make use of tree clippings.

If you have a Christmas tree, you've probably trimmed it down a bit. Don't throw these extra branches away. Weave tree clippings into a braid and hang them, wrap them around your banister, hang them on your door frame – the possibilities are endless!

This multi-tasking trick keeps the kids busy while add some extra holiday cheer to your home…now that’s a win-win in my book!