Mic check.  Check one….check two…is this thing on?

When I was little and it was time to blow out the candles on my birthday cake, I could never settle on just one thing to wish for. Year after year my default wish, mostly due to indecision, was always world peace.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve found myself once again wishing for peace.

I wish for peace of mind. I wish for peace and quiet. I wish for inner peace.

I meet modern moms with all of our modern conveniences I hear them looking for more peace, too. We analyze and scrutinize ourselves…and even worse each other…in a way that seems counterproductive.

It’s time for a reality check.

Whether you are a working mom, a stay at home mom or a combination of both, mothers everywhere need a serious reboot.

At Mom&Co we approach motherhood like it’s a business. We’re here to help and here’s the plan:

  • Let’s leverage technology to make our lives easier
  • Let’s automate our responsibilities to capitalize on our resources
  • Let’s work smart and play more!

It is clear we are heavily invested in our children and committed to being the best parents we can be.  It's also clear that we must both define and redefine our expectations.

I believe we can work smarter.

I know we can create more freedom.

Moms are the perfect combination of compassion and strength. There are the traits needed to make BIG changes in the world.

I’m here to help moms succeed.


Full Strength Stacey!

I believe in old school values, creating community, miracles & equality. Friendship, optimism, healthy food, travel and art are the most important things to me. As a modern mom, I'm committed to raising my kids with a clear set of values and teaching them how to leverage their native talents.

After graduating from the University of Miami, I attended art school which both satisfied and catapulted my creative tendencies. This led to a focus in marketing, art direction and brand development. My husband and I own a digital marketing company and we are launching Mom&Co with over 30 cumulative years of living and breathing the intersection of marketing and technology.

I crave simplicity, have mastered the art of loading the dishwasher and have fond memories of drinking from a hose as a child.

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