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Stacey McGuirk Rodriguez

Stacey McGuirk Rodriguez

I believe in old school values, creating community, miracles & equality. Friendship, optimism, healthy food, travel and art are the most important things to me. As a modern mom, I'm committed to raising my kids with a clear set of values and teaching them how to leverage their native talents.

After graduating from the University of Miami, I attended art school which both satisfied and catapulted my creative tendencies. This led to a focus in marketing, art direction and brand development. My husband and I own a digital marketing company and we are launching Mom&Co with over 30 cumulative years of living and breathing the intersection of marketing and technology.

I crave simplicity, have mastered the art of loading the dishwasher and have fond memories of drinking from a hose as a child.

Posts by Stacey McGuirk Rodriguez

Oprah AHA moment parenting expert

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Having interviewed over 30,000 people, I consider Oprah to be an expert on the human condition. During the bulk of my adolescence I watched...
Ballet Mom

2 1153
This time of year girls and boys are hitting the stage in their much anticipated spring recitals. About three months ago I enrolled my...
Amazon Prime Review

0 1207
One of my favorite mom-friendly online services is the all-encompassing Amazon Prime. There aren't many memberships that are as versatile, valuable, and convenient. From food...
Amazon Echo Review

0 644
My experience with the Amazon Echo was off to a great start with the packaging. As you see, I was pretty excited when it...
10 reasons you are failing at motherhood

1 1772
Not a day goes by where I don’t feel like I’m failing at some aspect of motherhood. I wish I was more patient. I...
Parenting advice on impulse

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Parenting happens in an instant and you have to be ready for it!  We’ve partnered up with Lina Acosta Sandaal, MA, an infant mental...
Bissell Steam Mop Review

0 1517
The floors need a sweep?  No problem.  Have to run the vacuum?  No big deal.  Time to mop the floors?  I would rather go...
Pulled Pork in the crock pot

0 1893
As a child I remember watching commercials for Sloppy Joes and wondering what they were all about. To this day I have yet to...
Download CouponMate in Chrome, Firefox and Safari

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Amazing things are happening everyday. Two teenagers are having their first kiss. A mom is hearing her newborn baby cry for the first time....
Stacey McGuirk Rodriguez

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Being a mom changes everything. From perspective and priorities to relationships and responsibilities, there really is no way to prepare for the enormous change...
Bissell Steam Mop Review
0 1517
The floors need a sweep?  No problem.  Have to run the vacuum?  No big deal.  Time to mop the floors?  I would rather go...
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