Conquer Chaos With a Rockin’ Kitchen Command Center

kitchen command centers

At this point, we are well into the school year and holiday season. While we all start off with good intentions, things are likely getting lost in the shuffle. Keeping up with homework, after school activities, sports, and errands are tough on you – and tough on the kids, too. Nobody likes forgetting it was picture day or their turn to bring in snack for a class party.

What's more, with the New Year fast approaching, family responsibilities are starting to pile up. Cooking, cleaning, airport arrangements and more are adding to everyday responsibilities. Who can keep track of it all without writing it down? It’s time to implement some structure to all the chaos in a way that works for your home and family. Writing commitments and chores on scrap pieces of paper is a guaranteed way to miss an important engagement. What's a mom to do?

Enter the kitchen command center. A command center typically has a calendar, a list of emergency contact numbers, a place for papers and mail, and a schedule. With a command center, you can take charge and keep track of your children's responsibilities as well as your own. Here’s a round-up of a variety of sanity saving, affordable, and totally do-able ideas.

Chalkboard command center.

A chalkboard command center is a great choice, because it can be erased and recreated with every passing month. Try hanging a row of clipboards at the bottom to keep track of your children's papers for school.

Combined command center and entryway.

Do you want to get your kids to hang up their coats rather than throw them on the floor? Combining your command center with your foyer is a great way to maximize neatness and efficiency. With calendars and papers hung above coat hooks, kids will have to visit the command center anyway. Here’s one that includes storage for book bags… genius!

Hidden command center.

Sometimes, you just want to put all your responsibilities away and relax. Try creating your command center on the inside of a cupboard. Calendars, papers, and mail don't have to be staring you in the face all day – close that door when it's time for a break.

Corner command center.

Are you looking to save space? Try installing your command center in a corner. The calendar can be on one side, while papers and mail are hung on another wall. If you already have a small table, incorporate it to avoid buying unnecessary components. Here’s another super stylish example that just might be my personal favorite!

Conquer chaos, get creative and infuse your personal style into the fine touches. A well-done command center is guaranteed to bring more peace and sanity into your life…plus you just might inspire some of your friends!

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