Crock Pot Recipe Mushroom Madness

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Mushroom crock pot recipe

When I was young, my mother served onion dip with potato chips at every single holiday gathering. I remember feeling like there was an unseen magnetic force drawing me towards the dip. My cousin Michelle and I had a permanent spot next to the bowl and we are still known today for our dip infatuation.  Turns out there was a magnetic force inside the dip:  MSG.  While opinions on MSG vary, I will present you with two facts that have shaped my opinion of MSG.  First, it is classified by the FDA as a food additive.  As a general rule, I tend to like food the way nature made it.  The second fact is based on a simple litmus test I use when cooking. Just ask the question “Did my grandmother use it when she was cooking?”  The answer is no and so that being the case, along with my experience with the addicting onion dip, I tend to steer clear of MSG.  Though I have just seemingly demonized my beloved onion dip, it is actually the inspiration for this recipe!

The details of this and all my recipes are a little relaxed. Your kitchen equipment, size and cut of meat, and personal tastes are all variables that are out of my control. Whether you consider yourself to be an exceptional cook or not, this recipe is meant to guide you towards something simple and delicious! Make it your own and trust your instincts! This roast came out exceptionally well and I’m so excited to share it with you! On with it!

Things You Should Know:Mushroom recipes crock pot

  • I have a mini 4 quart crock pot
  • My bottom round cut of meat weighed 1.34 lbs
  • I used half of the French onion dip packet
  • I kept the crock pot simple and served this with steamed green beans and used the other half of the onion dip packet on some roasted potatoes

5 Ingredients:

  • One onion
  • Crock pot meat
  • French onion dip mix – dry
  • Cream of mushroom condensed soup
  • Mushroom broth


  1. Add rough chopped onion to the bottom of the crock pot
  2. Place 1-2 lbs of your favorite slow cooker meat on top (bottom round is my favorite but chuck roast is another popular option)
  3. Pour cream of mushroom condensed soup on top of the meat
  4. Pour enough mushroom broth to almost cover the meat
  5. Sprinkle the dry French onion dip package in the liquid and on top of the meat
  6. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 4-6 hours


  • If you are using a larger crock pot and closer to 2 pounds of meat, you will need 2 containers of the cream of mushroom soup and the entire onion dip packet
  • For an extra serving of veggies you could also add fresh cut mushrooms, pearl onions, carrots, peas, and/or green beans half way through the cooking process
  • A little butter from my green beans made its way into my meat and made for some tasty bites!

Crock pot recipes mushroomI'm incredibly passionate about sharing recipes for fresh, real food that can fit with a modern mothers busy schedule.  When making this recipe for crock pot mushroom madness I feel I must at least suggest you steer clear of the Lipton onion soup mix.  Even Microsoft Word didn't recognize half of these ingredients and tried to auto-correct them!

Lipton's 14 ingredients are: Onions (deyhydrated), salt, cornstarch, onion powder, sugar, corn syrup, hydrolyzed soy protein, caramel color, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, monosodium glutamate, yeast extract, natural flavors, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate.

Simply Organic’s 5 ingredients are: Organic onion, organic maltodextrin, sea salt, organic garlic, organic black pepper.

To recap:  this recipe contains a total of 5 ingredients and requires only 15 minutes of prep time.  My husband and I were literally sad when it was gone!  Give this simple, savory recipe a try and share what you did to make it your own!