Have Less Stress and More Sleep With Help From CouponMate

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Stacey McGuirk Rodriguez

Being a mom changes everything. From perspective and priorities to relationships and responsibilities, there really is no way to prepare for the enormous change that comes along with motherhood. Every day I connect with other moms, some long-time friends, others acquaintances met while in line at the grocery store, and I truly love hearing about their experiences with what I consider to be the greatest experiment a human can attempt!

When it comes to my fellow moms, I have a philosophy. I truly believe that every mom is doing the best they can do with the resources they have, myself included. I hear moms struggle with the endless hours of homework each night. I hear sleep-deprived moms working on creating better sleep and feeding habits. I hear moms wishing their houses were cleaner, their kids were better behaved and their sex lives more active. I hear moms doubting themselves, which is actually an expression of their desire to be not just a good mom, but a great one.

My goal with Mom&Co is two-fold. First, we are committed to saving moms time, money and sanity by creating and sourcing awesome tips and tools. I want moms to utilize technology and automation so we can streamline our countless roles and responsibilities. Second, is to empower moms to run their home more like the way you run a business. You are the Founder of a multi-faceted organization that requires a clear vision, defined processes and procedures, goals and objectives, and a strong team to help you be successful!

With all of this in mind, allow me to introduce our first offering: CouponMate!


Have you ever made it to the checkout page while shopping online and then headed down a rabbit hole looking for promo codes? 20 minutes later and you have still yet to make your purchase. Your time is a precious resource and CouponMate is here to make online shopping more efficient.

It's free and works 2 ways:

Start by shopping online at your favorite website. At checkout, you will be discreetly notified if your CouponMate has found any sweet deals for you. With a single click, your CouponMate will find you the best coupon code and automatically apply then for you until it finds a successful one! Or you can “clip” a coupon from the list we provide right there when you are ready to check out.


Raising kids is a pricey endeavor! Any and all opportunities to save money are welcome in my house and I’m sure in yours, too! Shopping online saves you time and money and now it just got betteris the easiest way to save big money doing what you do already. There are coupons out there just waiting to be found! Let your CouponMate do the work for you!


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could multiply yourself? One of you could be cooking dinner while the other is picking up the kids at school. One of you is out grocery shopping while the other is giving your presentation at the office. Actually, that sounds twice as exhausting! Instead, what if you could automate certain tasks and free up your resources. What if technology could do some of the work for you?

What if you ended the day with some extra energy left in the tank, instead of feeling like you’re running on fumes? It’s time for modern moms to take advantage of some new tools and ways of thinking!

So there it is! CouponMate is the first tool of its type and I’m so happy to share it with you. The add-on is available in Chrome, Safari and Firefox and can be downloaded in seconds.  Please share your experience with us either via facebook or twitter, email me and we can set up a good old fashion phone call. Your support and feedback is much appreciated!