One Moms Amazon Echo Review

Amazon Echo Review

My experience with the Amazon Echo was off to a great start with the packaging. As you see, I was pretty excited when it arrived in the mail. So excited that I decided to make this unboxing video regardless of the fact that I hadn’t even showered that day.

Thanks to Prime, we were allowed to purchase the Echo a little early and paid $99 instead of the $199. Actually, it was pre-ordered in January 2015 but didn't arrive until April. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the packaging was a good indication that Amazon had put a lot of thought into making the product attractive.

There’s a legitimate “slick” look and feel that so far has also translated to the user experience. The device itself is a 9.25 inch tall black cylinder shape that boasts a “seven-piece microphone array,” a speaker and a remote control which we never use.

Before your new Echo will answer your beck and call, you have to make sure to start your sentence with a “wake word” of either Alexa or Echo. We opted for Alexa. The device will make a subtle pulse noise as well as the top ring will glow blue to let you know it has “heard” you.

Here’s a breakdown of how we are using the device so far:

  • Streaming music from our Prime Music and Spotify accounts
  • Adding items to a random list even though we’re not really sure where the items are going and how we can access them from our phones (most likely from the app)
  • Easily finding out the weather for the day
  • Freaking out our friends when we randomly blurt out the word “Alexa” and then start making random demands

We’ve only had the device for 2 weeks and so far I like the experience. I’m sure we will find many other uses for Alexa over time and I must say I do feel pretty cool in a “Meet George Jetson” kind of way using it.